August 21, 2009

i can't believe they paid me to hike!

i had the single best day of work i may ever have in my life yesterday. you see, there's this ski hut up near ostrander lake in need of some repairs... looked like a few good folk had to trek up there and take some measurements... i got to be one of those lucky bastards!
this was a good challenge for me because it was a total of 12.4 miles which is longer than most hikes i complete in one day on account of me being a slow poke who wants to stop and write odes to each fungus and tree i meet along the way. but i hauled ass and the pace was perfect as was the incline. the way up definitely kept my heart rate up for a good 2 hours, but the gentle downhill on the way back was perfectly delightful. there were tons of gorgeous wildflowers in all different colors, like purple lupines and shooting stars, white queen anne's lace, yellow, pink and red flowers i didn't know the names of... all interspersed with delicately spotted orange butterflies and tiny perwinkle butterflies. so lovely! there were also several wonderful smells on this hike. that's one of the things i love most about going into the woods are the variety of soothing aromas that capture your soul and ease your bodily tensions the way no perfume can replicate. it was musky without being overly visceral with notes of incense cedars and dirt. i die for it!!

tree bone graveyard

lovely ostrander lake

this makes me want to start skiing!

since i don't have any pictures of the aforementioned wildflowers, here is an image from mt hoffman that features one of my favorite color combos ever.

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