August 28, 2009

fire fire

the past couple days here at yosemite have been pretty exciting on account of a "prescribed burn" in foresta getting out of countrol. you see, the health of the eco-system here is much like my own health: it needs fire! native americans were smart enough to regularly set fire to the forests, ridding the ground of duff and creating a fertile environment in which the strongest survive. it took whitey a little while to figure out the same lesson once yosemite became a park, but fire crews regularly have what are called "controlled burns" or "prescribed burns."
this fire was supposed to burn 90 acres but has grown to engulf at least 1,000! needless to say there is a lot going on, planes and helicopters flying all over the place.

this helicopter was getting water to put out the fire right across the street from my place.

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