July 01, 2009

you may start hating me: now.

 today i can say that i’ve suffered for my art. while i was out snapping these pix, (with the boiler on, mind you) i inadvertently locked myself out! first i was like “fuck!” then the adrenaline went into overdrive, and i broke into my own place, first by taking the screen off the bathroom window, prying it open and climbing into the window 4 feet off the ground, then bounced into the bathroom, one foot landing on the toilet lid, the other on the far end of the room. while i will admit the thrill was exhilarating and now i have bruises to commemorate the event (bonus), i will never ever again make the error of not checking the door handle. and i will also remember that sometimes stepping out for “just one second” can mean compromising fire safety (never again will i tempt the fire gods). that being said, enjoy these snaps of my immediate surroundings and darling “motor-inn” cabin. i’ll show some interior shots after i get my thrift needs in order.
 this is my "motor inn" cabin. That was an old motel back in the day, here in yosemite, which is now housing. the old lobby was a market until it burnt to the ground a few years ago. (there's a new one now).

i'm happiest around trees

a day i see a waterfall is a good day. i can see this one from my window :)

more soon...

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