July 11, 2009

va's finest, comin' at ya one mo' time!

ok, this blog still won't cover all my thrifting treasures from my most recent trip to va, but still exposes quite a few gems.

this awesome printed number is courtesy of my mom. if any of you can remember the name of this type of print, please remind me (and no it is not batik)

i found this one and boy do i love it!

another cute number from my mom. sadly this one just barely fits, so i can only wear it if i do not plan on eating barely a thing that day.

awesome plaid skirt from the 50s!

i am obsessed with these shoes! i had seen a pair in green and yellow at one of the vintage shops near my house in OR but then found these in VA.

two awesome vintage slips i found

slips i have known and loved! ok, only the yellow one is from va, but how fab is my collection? the middle two are from OR and the pink one from l.a.

an awesome cotton 50s dress courtesy of my mom. an excellent contender for the "easy breezy" dress category (more on what that means in a subsequent blog)

well, that's all for now, but look forward to my "thrift stores of mariposa county, best of" coming up sometime this summer.


  1. wow, i had no idea what a god thrifter your mom is! i love the red dress (the print looks kind of deco) and the green one too.

    i also had no idea that they made slips in all over print -- i have one with a border but that is jut about it!

  2. wait or is the red one a navajo design?


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