July 19, 2009

today's double waterfall hike

today i hiked the mist trail to the tops of vernal and nevada falls then descended back into the valley via the john muir trail. (when you see the pictures of the stairs you'll know why.) It was definitely a day to reflect on challenges, determination and endurance. that and breathtaking beauty. sadly, the mist trail is a bit too popular (even at 6 a.m.), but the muir trail isn't so bad.

beautiful vernal falls and its lovely mist

this beautiful cascade of water (called the silver apron)...

...leads to certain death

nevada falls seen from the mist trail

i climbed like a million of these scary-ass smooth granite steps

nevada falls seen from the john muir trail

don't be this guy!
nevada falls up close and personal

you know i love wacky trees! (muir trail)

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