July 29, 2009

an amazing weekend of car camping

this past weekend i had the pleasure of car camping at saddlebag lake, just outside the park in inyo nat'l forest. we hiked up to coness lakes where the water is crystal blue and turquoise. the best part involved bouldering up the ridge! did you know i love bouldering? normally my mind goes 1000 miles a minute but when i'm bouldering i have only 2 thoughts: "where is my hand? where is my foot?" car camping is awesome because it combines the best of both worlds, the convenience of having all your shit in the car and the outdoorsy fun of a fire and proximity to excellent hikes.

saddle bag lake

yet again

i've said it before and i'll say it again: a day with a waterfall is a good day!

coness lake

look closely and you'll see a rainbow cloud. a motherfuckin' rainfuckinbow cloud!!

an old ranger station. the idiots have filled in every joint with silicon caulking. BOO!!

another lake we hiked to (it's the land of 1000 lakes you know)

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