June 26, 2009

Virginia's Finest...

the finest things to come out of va... pharell, d'angelo, pat benetar and ME! 

check out this fine lower body in this fine vintage skirt, courtesy of my mom's amazing taste (past, present, future). Now that's what i call draping! and the gothic-venetian-bondage shoes ain't shabby now, iz they? if i was smarter, i would've gotten a snap of the BACK of this hot little number... looks like i'll have to trek back across the u.s. just for you, my precious blog readers!

but something else very very fine that comes out this majestic state is some fiiiiine thrifting. Here are but a couple thrift scores from the past couple weeks. 

behold, the amazing seashell bag. this was in the thrift store's boutique section, with the exorbitant price tag of four u.s. dollars. yep, i spend less than 2 digits on a handbag and put Louis Vuitton to shame (not that it takes much effort given how fugly the bags are) (sorry baby gibbon, i know you are a fan). i am constantly fantasying that i am  part mermaid, part deer so this bag is especially fetching!

now that i am becoming obsessedwith heels, platforms and stripper shoes it is the benevolence of the thrift gods to bestow me with rhinestone-encrusted lucite heels from a bygone era (the 70s). now that's the gift that keeps on giving!

and to end today's post, here are some vintage hats from my growing collection. these are thanks to my beloved mums who snatched up 8 delicious little head toppers for me this past year alone. anyone with suggestions on how to wear these without appearing so prim and proper, please dish!!

more later lovelies!


  1. is that first pic of your mom? don't be offended if its actually you- you KNOW that woman has a nice little bod! that is a pretty bitchin skirt, and i have the sense that the shoes are also bitchin, but i cannot see them well. :( whyyyyyy melina.

  2. that is ME in that skirt but any comparison to my mom is a compliment in my book


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