June 28, 2009

my trip so far...

has already had the touches of magic i was hoping for! as usual, my luck with hostels is brilliant! i've ended up in one across the street from a bike school. now i know all about fenders! ashland is beautiful and apparently there is an old abandoned train you can go drink on and 2 cop cars can pass by and not stop.... sadly i won't have enough time to indulge, but maybe on my way back? this is, after all, the home of dragonfly chai and only the source itself could satisfy my intense need for chai. (seriously, i could drink it all day. i wish chai drinking was a paying job.) Tomorrow is the big one; just under 8 hours. i've never driven that much in one day before, but i figure, hey that's two 4 hour shifts with a 2 hour long lunch, start at 8 am, be at the next hostel before the 11 pm curfew. that might include a thrift store... i hope...

i've never been to nor cal. i've fantasied about nor cal since i was a teenager... i'm gonna pat myself on the back here.

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