May 20, 2009

recent scores of the thrift variety

So far, 2009 has been good to me thriftwise. no surprises there...

Some Shoes:

i know sonya will love these victorian inspired 80s oxford ankle boots! the thrift gods heard my call!

the little white stickers inside indicate that part of these shoes lifetimes was spent in a vintage shop. They're so 60s uptight glam, i love it! any inspired fashion designers who want to make me a pair comfortable enough to actually wear are welcome to borrow these...

i saved the best for last! these past few weeks i've been obsessed with geometric platforms and the thrift gods heard my call yet again. These are actually comfortable enough to wear (or as comfortable as i'll ever feel on mini-stilts anyways...) Everyone's knocking off this style, but these are a 70s original by Kenney shoes I found just this past monday.

that same day...

i found this cute mid-century bag. yes, i'm a little bit an old-lady on the inside. 


this baby is special! again the thrift gods were listening. "i want something very old, older than most of my clothes" was my request as i drove to the goodwill outlet. and this 1910s or 1920s nightgown came home with me. 

these metal bows are magic!

i'll never wear this piece of course. just lovingly admire it. 

love and blessings til next time!


  1. Wow, I am just floored. I practically never find anything of that caliber. Those platforms are just diviiiine. Then again, that's what happens when "thrifting" = "stopping by the suburban Goodwill every few months." You ain't gonna find much except remaindered Target goods. I urge you to post more thriftscores; I so miss that from your other blog, and plus I need some vicarious thrills.

  2. thanks darling! remember our wonderful trip with sonya to the magic goodwill land? me and her are going again. you can join in spirit (aka: comment on the subsequent blog posts)

  3. the boots and platforms are both so good! the thrift goods hear your pleas...i must admit that i love the "new" cutout platforms done in shiny, shiny black and leather. kinda space age.

    sally--come thrifting!

  4. Dude, wouldn't I love to... but I live in MN now and am not sure when I'm coming to VA next. :(

  5. see background shoe for the good black cutout platforms:

    i'd like ot see hte ankle boots with some knee socks worn like so, perhaps even with your straw hat?

    i can't seem to copy in links. is that a setting you can adjust melina?

  6. not sure about settings here, but the html for making links is really easy.
    too bad none of those shoes are as comfy as they are cute...

  7. cute>comfy

    i try to change this, but i find it an unalterable fact of nature and continue to buy not very comfortable footwear. it is damn cute, however.

  8. i know of this equation, especially now that i've come to terms with the fact that heels are sexy, and nothing makes a naked chick hotter than some nice little pedestals to stand on...

    lucky for me, i consider rugged style boots equally as sexy and i can actually live daily life in them


looking forward to hearing from you!