May 16, 2009

50s book graphics

well, for those of you who don't know, i love collecting all things vintage and that include kitschy little 50s guides on household taste, entertaining and cooking. Here are there recent additions to my west coast collection:

the very first time i saw this book was in a little vintage shop back east where my friend allen found and fell in love with the, er, highly original decorating techniques to be found within. the book has lots of pictures of kreative flower arrangements such as the following

tres cute!

but the the real charm to this book are the
living room arrangments... did i mention that this book was brought to you by coke?

so you see, no matter how elegant or casual your space, the important thing is a steady supply of coke at all times...  

remember: coke used to have real coke in it. so 50s suburbanites = coke fiends.

because, i mean, come on, the advice above was written for drug fiends by drug fiends... how else does it make sense? moving on...

one day i will have to use this book as inspiration for a real party... 50s tropical colonialism! inside the book is mainly filled with charming little illustrations...

thanks patricia!

and finally we come to...

for me, 50s cook books work as a great weight loss tool... most of the recipes inside will make you want to stop thinking about food for days...

the inside mainly focuses on little sketches of various members of a perfect 50s community. an entire list of characters is pictured above.

well folks, there you have it! have a smiley day!

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