April 16, 2009

totebags galore

if this post looks familiar to you, you're right, it's from my old blog that i'm in the process of deleting. this was one of the only good posts it had.

Totebags are cool! Reasons they rule:
    * they are actually big and sturdy enough to hold your entire life (which is important if you are an urban nomad such as myself) *they make excellent alternatives to plastic bags at the supermarket-- re-use and recycle bitches!! *they are also an excellent alternative to the designer handbag culture that, quite frankly, makes me ill from time to time. Unless your totebag reads "I spent $1000 dollars for a semi-quality, semi-stylish product that's been advertised to death just so that everyone can read the label and assume I'm wealthy" you're avoiding one of the most pretenious and conformist trends of all time. *dudes and dudettes, can we say variety?! Whatever your cause, style or favorite color, there's a totebag out there just for you!
And guess what? Thriftstores are the best place to find them!* (*see upcoming definitions). The Jamaica totebag above is one of my absolute favs. I'll admit, there's some pretension here-- I've never actually been to Jamaica, but can't a girl pretend she's lived out one of her travel fantasies? Isn't that what fashion's all about? Speaking of pretension, unlike the Jamaica bag, I've actually been called out on my fake environmental-activism by a friend of mine who actually is a member of the NRDC and so legitimately owns the totebag. Hey, my heart's in the right place and that's gotta count for something, right? Besides, how could I resist something as cute as the tail-end of a whale? Speaking of animals (how I adore them!!), this is probably my favorite totebag dujour (by which I mean since I found it 1 year ago). Not only does it feature the leopard (current obsession dujour), but also important stats on this endangered and beautiful feline. You gotta love nostalgia for years unremembered. Remember the * used earlier? Now, the following 2 totebags introduce a new type of notable mention- the Wanderlusty. Wanderlusty: my pseudonym as used on my other website. jk jk. For real, though, the Wanderlusty are those items traditionally known as souvenirs. They have little to do with thrifting, but they are special, unique, fun and frequently benefit the local economies of whence they came. Museum giftshops frequently house these gems. Below, on the left, is a closeup of my beloved Tirania tote from Sienna. Medieval and renaissance Italy, ladies and gents, is the world's way of humbling all artists everywhere. On the right is a vicarious Wanderlusty, brought to me from an archeological dig in Egypt by my darling and beloved friend Irene (I miss you roomie!!). It is both a Wanderlusty and DIY-gem, since it's hand-embroidered. Well my darlings, this concludes yet another fashion-attack from yours truly. If you've got thriftscores to share, don't hesitate to email me with pix and images.

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