April 25, 2009

my apron collection: west coast edition

these are all vintage, of course.

i apologize in advance for my lack of a mannequin. they be expensive and difficult to come across in thrift stores.

i used to have four or five christmas aprons before my last move. now i have saved only the best. 

yes, that's right, kittens opening gifts.

i'm lucky enough to have lent this apron to a friend, only to have it returned with chantrelles in the pocket!

my most recent acquisition, from a month or so ago.

i love that from far away, this apron looks greek, but upon closer inspection, its ancient egyptian!

i have quite the weakness for all things crochet...
i see many wonderful variations on crochets aprons but am contented with only one for the time being.

i found this one tucked away in my grandma's laundry room, made by my great-aunt.


this unique toile apron is a scarred veteran of my days working in a gelato shop. ah, how i love a reliable standby!

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